32mm Heavy Duty SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

32mm Heavy Duty SDS-Plus Combination Hammer D25413K Image


32mm Heavy Duty SDS-Plus Combination Hammer

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Features and Specs


  • Active vibration control system incorporating a floating rear handle to reduce vibration
  • Ideal for drilling large anchor, fixing and through holes in concrete and masonry from 6 to 32 mm in diameter
  • Optimised power to weight ratio good power in light weight package
  • Large hammer mechanism construction guarantees longer tool life and superior performance
  • Rotation-stop for light chiselling applications, render and tile removal
  • Electronic variable speed switch for total control
  • Mechanical clutch increases user control and protection
  • Impact-stop for drilling in wood, ceramic, steel and screwdriving applications


  • Pipe hangers, Through holes for pipes, core bit drilling for large pipes, ducting hangers.
  • Light demolition in brick or masonry. Wall chasing for pipes and cables. Tiles and render removal
  • Cable tray hangers, through holes for conduit and pipe, control box fixings, heavy mountings for large electrical installations I.E. Control panels.
  • First and second fix, unit fixings to walls and floors, framing for concrete forming and mould fixing. Timber joist hangers in roofing work.
  • Machine retainers. Hangers of all types


  • Multi-position side handle
  • Heavy duty carrying case

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