26mm L-Shape SDS-Plus Combination Hammer low vibration

26mm L-Shape SDS-Plus Combination Hammer low vibration D25323K Image


26mm L-Shape SDS-Plus Combination Hammer low vibration

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Features and Specs


  • Ideal for drilling holes and fixing anchors into concrete and masonry from 4 to 26 mm in diameter
  • Active Vibration Control system with floating handle delivers extremely low vibration and more comfort
  • Rotation-stop for light chiselling applications in soft masonry and occasionally concrete and impact-stop for drilling in wood, steel and screwdriving applications
  • Large 22 mm hammer mechanism delivers high performance with low stress to the critical components
  • Electronic variable speed for total control in any application
  • Mechanical clutch reduces sudden high-torque reaction should the bit jam
  • Ergonomic rubber coated back handle design for improved comfort in use
  • Connection for Integrated Dust Extraction System
  • Rounded ergonomic industrial design allows easy and comfortable handling in any application
  • Improved sealing for maximum protection from dust ingress ensuring long tool life


  • Drilling holes in solid masonry, concrete and stone from 4 to 26mm in diameter
  • The ergonomic "L" shape design is particularly suitable for extensive overhead applications
  • Drilling through holes in masonry for pipes and cables
  • Light chipping in brick or masonry
  • Tile removal from kitchens & bathrooms
  • Light channelling in brick
  • Mortar and plaster removal
  • Occasional drilling in wood and steel


  • Multi-position side handle
  • Depth stop
  • Heavy duty carrying case

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