100mm 680W Angle Grinder

100mm 680W Angle Grinder DW810B Image


100mm 680W Angle Grinder

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Features and Specs


  • 800W, 10,000 rpm provides high power and speed for 100mm grinding applications
  • Advanced fan system provides maximum airflow prolonging motor life
  • Sealed toggle switch provides protection from dust and filings extending switch life
  • Tool-free adjustable guard allows easy positioning for left or right handed use
  • Spindle lock for quick and easy disc changes
  • Compact gear case allows use in tight and confined areas
  • Accessible brushes for easy brush replacement and less downtime


  • Grinding metal with hubbed or depressed centre wheels
  • Cutting metal with Type 1 and Type 27 thin cut off wheels
  • Finishing metal with wire cup brushes, wire stringer bead wheels, sanding flap discs, sandpaper
  • Cutting aggregate with diamond wheels
  • Finishing aggregate with diamond cup wheels


  • 2 position side handle
  • Metal grinding disc
  • Pin spanner
  • Flanges
  • Guard

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